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Inbound is Power

Just a few years ago, prior to Inbound Marketing (IM), businesses relied on newspaper ads and TV commercials to generate customers. Now, if your company isn’t harnessing the power of IM, you are missing out on millions of customers who use the internet to make their buying decisions.

Do you already have a website?  (If not click here) Is your site bringing in tons of customers like it should?  Do you know how to set up proper Inbound Marketing channels?

We do!  We can help your business, whether large or small, get more traffic, generate more leads, and make more money using our proven tactics.

  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Development
  • Lead Generation Techniques

Are you using all of the above methods to capture customers?  Probably not.  Honestly, to be successful in today’s “internet driven world” you must develop many traction channels and bring customers to you.  That is the idea of IM.

IM Brings Customers to You

Day and night, while you sleep, potential customers are searching the internet for your business or service.  With IM techniques, you can capture and engage those searchers, eventually making them your customers.  We can help you become an authority in your field ensuring you keep the customers you currently have coming back for more and attracting new customers at the same time.

“Seo Tupelo changed the entire way I did business.  Now, customers call me every day and they are already pre-qualified.  In one year, my business has grown 300% since working with Adam at Seo Tupelo.”
-T. Reed, Tupelo , MS

The above quote is not an exaggeration. When we unleash our methods on your business, your phone will start ringing and your profits will increase.  We want to make you an authority!

When you become an authority, you will garner more trust and earn more sales.  This proven formula has worked time and time again with companies both large and small all over the USA.  We have helped them with our simple 4 step process:

First Step | A Goal Driven Plan

We analyze your business’s position in your industry and compare it to that of your competition.  We listen to your needs and goals, and together, we make a game plan for success to reach those goals.  We brainstorm key “traction channels” and locate the channels your business will actually use to get more customers.  Then, we use laser-beam-focus to accomplish those goals immediately.  Once we have identified your company’s key traction channels, we translate those ideas into your Inbound Marketing Strategies.

Second Step | SEO Opportunities

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Using the latest SEO skills, we examine your existing website’s “on-page” and “off-page” optimization. If you don’t have a website, we can help you with that as well.  Since Google, Bing, and Yahoo want businesses to create the best “user experience” online, we customize your website to meet the standards of an “authority site”.  We have a ton of tools we can use to get the optimization just right.  Once we make the “google spiders” happy, your website will see an increase in rankings.

Since Google released the Panda and Penguin updates, many websites have suffered from having bad optimization.  If your present site has gone down in the rankings, this could be why.  Don’t worry, we can fix those issues and get you back on top.  This is something we monitor very closely, for our clients, to make sure every website is in compliance with google.

Third Step | A Social Fan Base

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Did you know there are hundreds of social sites with millions of users?  Each site is another unique opportunity to get customers!  It is an exciting time to be in business. If you engage people with compelling social media campaigns and updates, they will listen!  They will interact with your business and become your customers.

This is a time-consuming process and no business owner has the time to dominate in this new and every changing social world.  Let us do that for you!  Social media is just growing and growing…  you must grow with it.

We will help you decide which platforms are best for your business, run campaigns, and get your name out to the masses.  With our help, you will own your niche!

Fourth Step | Content Drives Customers

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A great marketing campaign includes authority content that drives repeat business.  That’s right… repeat business.  Great content creates followers of your brand and increases “shares” in a variety of ways.  With the right content, your website will be a place where potential customers come to get answers.  This will brand you as an authority on your subject and increase sales far into the future.

We will create great content in the form of articles, pictures, videos, and reviews.  We will spread that content to the farthest reaches of the internet, driving customers directly to YOU.  That is what great IM does!  This is all a part of what we provide to our clients.  This formula is working for thousands of huge companies like Netflix, Hubspot, and  The same principles will work for your small, medium, or enterprise size company.

That’s the Plan!

The process may seem complicated… but it isn’t.  It just takes someone with the knowledge and foresight to see where your company can go.  At the same time, we always like to remember where your company is from… and we never forget your roots.  We are a Mississippi based company with nationwide clients.  If you don’t already have a website you should know that we are the best web design company in Tupelo MS.

How Much Does This Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to find out.  Let’s get started NOW on a plan to make your business the authority.

I promise that every dollar spent with us will return back to you… many times over!

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